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CMA can announce that another machine in the Centre of Dachau has arrived.

It is an Engel victory 50. She will help us to be able to make faster and more efficiently. Various stages enable us part of autonomous work.

Here are some details of the Engel victory series:

  • Universal all-rounder – the optimum machine for all-round applications and a wide range of technologies
  • low energy consumption – low friction, closing pressure lock-in & electro hydraulic control pump, ANGEL ecodrive (optional)
  • absolute clearance – ANGEL Holm LOS technology for complex, innovative tool designs, rapid tool change & unobstructed robot movements
  • optimum tool protection – patented ANGEL force-divider for superb plates concurrency & uniform locking force distribution
  • Clamping force – 280 kN to 5,000 kN

If you have questions we are always available.

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